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Best Cheap Fitness Trackers in 2021 – You Must Own

Fitness trackers are the new ‘IT’ Product of 2020! If you are looking for the best fitness tracker this year – trust us, you are not the only one! With a rapid increase in the popularity of fitness trackers in the recent years, its demand has also increased drastically all around the world.

The one thing that you should remember when buying a fitness tracker for men, women or children is that all of them are the same and have been designed to serve a single purpose – to track the number of total calories you burn per day plus monitor your daily routine activities for user convenience as well! The news is that whilst the basic purpose or function of all fitness trackers is the same – there is a lot of versatility as well! Being a fitness enthusiast or someone who wants to stay in good shape and health; people these days are always in search for devices that will help us perform better and keep track of our progress as well. This is not only important for a good health but helps to maintain a good physical shape as well.

When we talk about fitness trackers – there is a lot of diversity there is that it has to offer. Some trackers have amazing design while others have great functionality. Some of the trackers might work supremely well in sleep mode whilst others might offer great output as far as heart rate count is concerned. Even the appearance of fitness trackers is as different and varying as one could imagine.

Hence, this means there are a lot of things that you will need to consider say you are looking for the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor system. In this review, we not only talk about the best and top notch fitness trackers ruling the tech world in the present year but we all take you on a quick journey. On the journey, we will introduce you to all the features and little points that you need to keep in mind and consider when making your purchase.

What does a fitness tracker do?

A fitness tracker is basically a smart watch but performs functions that are a lot more modified and superior to what any ordinary watch could do! It promises high functionality. A fitness tracker measures your heart rate while you are working out or engaging in the vigorous physical activity. Being able to keep an eye on your heart rate is an easy way to evaluate the calories your burn in one workout session as well. This is not only a way to stay in good shape but is also a guarantee for a good physical and mental health in the long run.

Best Fitness Tracker of 2020

Fitness Tracker NameWeightGPSBest Prices
Garmin vívoactive Black bundle
1.3 ouncesEnabledSee Price
Track4Life Walking Pedometer0.64 ouncesDisabledSee Price
Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch
8.5 ouncesDisabledSee Price
Fitbit Charge 2 Heart
Rate + Fitness Wristband

1.3 ouncesEnabledSee Price
Moov Now - Blizzard White
3D Fitness Tracker
5 ouncesDisabledSee Price
TomTom Spark 3 Cardio, GPS Fitness
Watch + Heart Rate Monitor
2.6 ouncesEnabledSee Price
Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker
1.1 ouncesDisabledSee Price
Samsung Gear Fit2 Small3.8 ouncesEnabledSee Price
Garmin Vivoactive 3, GPS Smartwatch1.52 ouncesEnabledSee Price
Vivofit Fitness Band
0.96 ouncesEnabledSee Price

1. Garmin Vivo Active White Bundle Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitoring

garmin-watchThe Garmin Vivo Active White Bundle Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitoring offers sleek design and attractive looks. But there is certainly a lot more to this watch than looks. The functionality and performance of this wrist band are best for an active lifestyle.

The smart watch comes with GPS enabled – which makes it multiple times more durable and workable. The ultrathin body of the Garmin Vivo fitness tracker is the definitely the biggest highlight. As far as the battery timing is concerned, the product offers superlative and supreme functionality. The battery works great for up to 3 weeks, which is insane but this is only on the fitness tracker mode. However, on GPS enabled mode the battery timing falters to up to 8 hours of active constant usage only which is a serious letdown.

Product Highlights:

Sleek and stylish outlook
Ultra-thin, touch screen display
Reasonably sized LED
Heat and water resistant screen
High-resolution output
GPS enabled smart watch
Lightweight and easy to wear
Battery life is superlative
Lasts up to 3 weeks on smart watch mode
Battery lasts 10 hours on active GPS usage
Inbuilt heart rate measurement monitor to assess heart rate
Interactive and responsive watch
Notifications enabled; get notified through texts, emails, and sync in social apps
Available in four different colors

Garmin Vivo Active White Bundle Fitness Tracker


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wear
  • Compact and durable
  • Battery life good on smart watch mode
  • Interactive and quick response system
  • GPS enabled
  • Available in different colors


  • Display light is dimmer from what promised
  • The heart rate count may not be accurate for small activity sessions
  • Battery life falters when GPS enabled; otherwise good


If you are looking for a smart watch that will make life easier while you work out in the gym or go for a walk and even works smoothly on all other days – this Garmin Vivo smart watch is a wise choice to make.

It comes in different colors and the design is very attractive. Moreover, it is the best little device that will keep you in the tech world and benefit you in various ways as well.

2. Track4Life Walking Pedometer Multifunction Shoe Lace Step Distance Calorie Counter from Splash Proof Running Health Activity Fitness Accurate Tracker.

fitbit watch

The track4life tracker smartwatch is a superior quality tracker that delivers a supreme experience with amazing functionality. This wireless activity tracker tells you all details about its daily activities and keeps the health-improving and boosting. Fitbit is a promising brand as far as technological goodies are concerned. Hence, this is surely going to be a worthy and secure investment.

Moreover, this Track4life tracker smartwatch offers different things like steps calories and much more. The biggest highlight of this Track4life tracker is a unique concept that it has been built around. Its multipurpose use is definitely making it very popular amongst users in recent times.

Product Highlights:

Effectively monitors all your day’s daily physical activities
Petite and minimal design
The high-quality plastic used
Multipurpose use; as a smartwatch and zip-up tracker
Water and heat resistant body promises longer durability
Up to 2-year protection from accidents promised
Comes with a warranty
Interactive touch screen display
One-touch control and response
Long battery life; works reasonably well on a single charge
The battery is replaceable and can be changed in case of damage or any problem

Track4life Fitness


  • One touch easy control
  • Responsive buttons
  • Comes with garrunty
  • Battery life is great and can be replaced as per need as well
  • Multipurpose use


  • may encounter some problems related to pedometer

3.Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Apple watch
all products of Fitbit are superlative and promising in its design and functionality. This Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch and fitness tracker comes in a superior quality aluminum casing. Moreover, the LCD screen display of this watch is large enough and reasonably sized as well.

The screen measures up to 1.5 inches; which is a great size for the fitness tracker. However, the price of this product can be a serious letdown for most people as it makes it difficult for most people to afford it. However, if the price does not matter to you and you are willing to pay a higher price for superlative performance – this Fitbit fitness tracker is definitely a worthy investment to make.

Product Highlights:

Fitbit smartwatch comes in a high-quality Aluminum casing
Moderate sized display and dimensions
Attractive design body
Widgets are changeable manually
Strap replaceable
Alexa Integration
Onset notifications for user convenience
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity enabled
Interactive touch screen display
Compatible with almost all devices
Accurate heart rate monitor for instantaneous results
Active lock to keep all intruders locked out
Record history and usage log to keep track of previous data

Fitbit Versa 2 Smart Watch


  • Best quality
  • Attractive design
  • Excellent performance
  • Replaceable physical parts
  • Encased in high-quality aluminum
  • Interactive and responsive touch display
  • Onset notifications makes it very handy to use
  • Record checking features
  • Activity log keeps you updated


  • You must need a phone to operate it
  • No GPS


like other Fitbit products this smartwatch is yet another visual and experience pleasure for all phone users! Who you have been a fan of other smartwatches; this smartwatch is guaranteed to make you happy.

This device comes with its fair share of flaws such as restricted compatibility and being a little pricier than what most people would like to pay for. However, if you are willing to overlook a handpicked few flaws – this smartwatch by fitbit is bound to keep you happy in the long run.

4. Fitbit charge to heart rate fitness wrist band and health tracker

Fitbit charge to heart rate
Fitbit charge to heart rate fitness wrist band and health tracker is the ultimate all-day around the clock tracker that monitors your daily tasks, workout sessions and everything else in between as well. There are multiple modes that the wrist band can work with.

A highlight of this wrist band and fitness tracker is its power to guide you through it all – from breathing sessions to work out and physical movements as well!

Product Highlights:

Updated and modern tech design body
Sleek black exterior with matte finish
Large sized LED touch screen display
Wrist band designed to monitor hear rate
Counts a number of calories burnt in a specific time duration (as set)
Text and call notifications
Interactive OLED touch screen display
Active reminders and notification alerts
Compatibility with all devices; iOS, android and smart phones
Alarm clock active function
Battery life is great; works up to 5 days on a single charge and full usage
Sleep time tracking mode
Guided breathing sessions for improved health

Fitbit charge to heart rate fitness wrist band


  • High quality material
  • Offers compatibility with maximum devices
  • Battery life is supremely great
  • High quality promises longer durability


  • Overpriced
  • Health monitoring i.e. heart rate and calories burnt per minute is not 100% accurate


Fitbit is definitely a promising brand as far as good fitness and health monitoring are concerned. This wrist band is bound to function well with some amazing features. Moreover, this band offers an unmatched experience and instant results that supersede all expectations.

Fitbit is definitely doing its job right and making a lot of people very happy! The price might be a little more than what some people would like to pay for a fitness tracker wrist band but overall it is definitely a worthy product to invest in.

5. Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker and Real Time Coach

Moov Now 3d Fitness tracker
The combination of fitness and technology has definitely exceeded all expectations and even our wildest imaginations. This one only realizes when you get to know that even fitness trackers and wrist watch these days are equipped with 3D technology! The Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker and Real Time Coach is the latest and updated wrist band that is supported with all recent 2.0 features that make this fitness tracker a class apart amongst all its competitors.

You no don’t have to keep checking the fitness tracker, again and again, to see what your current stats show. The fitness tracker with its updated technology will speak repeatedly in your ear, reminding you of every action you make. This is definitely keeping up with fitness and health on a next level. The unique exterior design of this fitness tracker is not a letdown too! It is definitely designed to please all users.

Product Highlights:

Unique wrist band design
Active physical activity tracking
Water proof and heat resistant body
Comes with product warranty for promising reliability
Real-time guide coach to guide through all day’s activities
Inbuilt Omni Motion Sensors to track all activities in 3D
Inbuilt battery that does not require charging

Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker


  • Excellent performance
  • Unfaltering functionality
  • Attractive and unique design
  • Water, sweat, heat and dust resistant
  • Promises longer durability
  • 3D monitoring of all physical actions
  • Comes with warranty


  • Overpriced
  • Battery will require replacement after 6 months


If you want to experience the technology like never before – you need to get your hands on this little piece of tech wonder! This product works supremely well as far as its functionality is concerned.

The monitoring results of the smart watch are 100% accurate and are presented in 3D. Moreover, the product comes with a long-term warranty which ensures durability. All in all, this watch is the perfect combination of design and functionality with a tech experience like never before.

6. TomTom Spark 3 Cardio GPS fitness watch

tomtom spark
The TomTom Spark 3 Cardio GPS fitness watch is an amazing wrist smart band that looks great and performs amazingly as well. This fitness tracker and watch monitor everything from your walking time, speed to your heart rate and even blood flow! This is the best you can get for a good health and to stay in a fit shape.

Product Highlights:

Attractive design
Small in size
Black in color
High quality rubber body
Effective and accurate heart rate monitoring
GPS enabled
Connectivity with maximum devices
Multiple functional modes
GPS tracking
Route exploration with superior GPS
Around the clock active tracking time
Built in monitor for heart rate

TomTom Spark 3 Cardio GPS fitness watch


  • Great looking device
  • Superior in functionality
  • Route exploration with active GPS
  • Active monitoring
  • Accurate results
  • Multiple functional modes
  • Maximum device compatibility


  • No drawbacks have been reported by the users


TomTom is a big name in the tech world that has been around for several years now and has won the user’s trust with high quality and supreme functionality products. This TomTom smart watch is no different.

It comes in multiple functionality modes with active monitoring and route exploration feature. The inbuilt GPS enabled certainly makes this device do wonders. The best part is that users of this smart watch have reported none drawbacks which is definitely a plus!

7. Fitbit ALTA fitness tracker in silver and black with inbuilt heart monitoring system

fitbit alta
Fitbit is all set to impress its users once again with the amazing Fitbit ALTA! This has been designed to deliver. This fitness tracker has been custom designed to match up to the personal style and physical needs of the users.

The adjustable settings are a blessing for users who can set the tracker to be as they please. Moreover, Fitbit ALTA fitness tracker in silver and black with inbuilt heart monitoring system remains functional around the clock! Hence, you will find it to be handy and keep an eye on your physical fitness and condition even while you snore off.

Product Highlights:

Attractive body design
All-day activity
Frequent reminders to move
Smart and slim body design
One-touch display
Smart-track auto movement recognition
Silent alarms for occasional reminders
Auto sleep tracking
Inbuilt notification system for notifying and alerts
Call and text notifications
Up to 5-day battery timing

Fitbit ALTA fitness tracker in silver and black with inbuilt heart monitoring system


  • Active reminder system
  • All day tracker keeps an eye on you around the clock
  • Smart tracking movement recognition
  • Auto sleep tracking
  • Occasional notification system


  • Overpriced
  • Quality is cheaper than expectation
  • Durability is doubtful


The Fitbit ALTA is another promising product by Fitbit. This brand never fails to surprise its users with superlative design and up-to-date functionality.

This is definitely a worth investment for all fitness freaks and enthusiasts who want to keep an eye out on their daily progress and physical routine. This is, in fact, being considered as the best fitness tracker for running and other active cardio movements.

8. Samsung Gear Fit2 Black Fitness Tracker

samsung gear
If you are in search for the best fitness tracker for kids, this is not the one you should consider for them! This Samsung Gear Fit2 Black Fitness Tracker definitely is a superior quality design that is not for the kids! The updated tech device motivates you even more strongly to achieve all your fitness goals.

There are several embedded tracking sensors in the fitness trackers that monitor every single physical movement you make throughout the day. It offers compatibility with all iOS devices as well as android and smartphones as well. Moreover, the attractive design also definitely makes it a prior choice of users. It is designed to be lightweight, compact and reasonably sized.

Product Highlights:

Modern and attractive design
Keeps track of all physical movements around the clock
Built in activated GPS
Automatic recording and history management
All data is kept secure in activity log
Interactive AMOLED display screen touch
Maximum external device compatibility and support

Samsung Gear Fit2 Black Fitness Tracker


  • Maximum functionality
  • Automated data recording
  • Attractive outlook
  • Interactive AMOLED screen
  • One touch quick response


  • Needs frequent resets
  • Battery time poor


Samsung is definitely a tech brand that you can trust because it is a giant of technology and produces some amazing products! This smart watch and fitness tracker by Samsung has been designed to deliver and so it does. The battery timing might be a little disappoint but overall this is definitely a great product that does its job well!

9.Garmin Vivoactive 3, GPS Smartwatch 

fitbit blaze

Garmin Vivoactive 3, GPS Smartwatch with is yet another amazing fitness tracker that is making rounds of the tech world these days. Another wonderful design by Garmin, this silver fitness watch is designed to perfection. If you are someone who is looking for a fitness tracker that does its job well but also looks attractive when you wear it around, this is definitely a great choice!

Product Highlights:

The modern and modified physical design
Smart tracking
Interactive and responsive touch screen
Pulse rate monitoring
Battery life is superior; works amazingly for around 5 days on a single charge
All-day activity monitoring
Multifaceted clock faces
GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity enabled
Maximum device compatibility
Inbuilt notification and alerts system
Easy manual music and sound controls

Garmin Vivoactive fitness watch


  • Superior design
  • Smart tracking
  • Notification and alert active system
  • All-day monitoring
  • Easy controls
  • Battery life works amazingly
  • 1.2 inch diameter display size


  • A bit overpriced
  • Does not come with warranty
  • Not very bright is  sunlight
  • Durability is not assured


Garmin is ruling the fitness tracker world this year with one after another superior quality and high functionality product to offer! Another in the line is the Garmin vivoactive 3 smart tracker that offers great functionality and unbelievable battery timing.

It comes with its fair share of flaws but if you are willing to overlook them, this is definitely a worthy investment to make. All of its other superior features definitely compensate well for the little drawbacks that this fitness tracker has.

10. Garmin Vivo Fitness 010-01225-00 tracker band

Garmin vivo fitness
The main purpose of a fitness tracker is to provide an insight to the user about his/her physical activity on daily basis. The Garmin Vivo Fitness 010-01225-00 tracker band serves the purpose right! This product has been designed to accommodate the customized physical preferences of the people.

It is best to monitor everything from heart rate to speed of walking, pace, breathing and even the blood flow pace in the body! Moreover, the product is high quality as well. It comes with a 1-year long warranty despite being manufactured of the topmost high quality materials. This fitness tracker band is designed to be heat, water, and dust resistant which ensure longer durability for the product!

Product Highlights:

Sweat resistant
Easy and comfortable to wear
Interactive touch screen display
Digital OLED screen representation
Stylish and modern design
GPS enabled
WI-FI connectivity enabled
Modest physical dimensions
Long battery life

Garmin Vivo Fitness 010-01225-00 tracker band


  • Adjustable
  • Customizable settings
  • Modern design
  • All-day Great battery life
  • Lightweight body


  • No drawbacks or letdown features have been reported by the users


Garmin is another top brand that you should consider to buy from. This brand promises quality as well as performance and it surely delivers well! This brand offers supreme design and an unbeatable experience to its users. Moreover, it serves the purpose of fitness tracking 100% effectively.

Types of Fitness Trackers Complete Guide

  • All-day fitness tracker

The all-day fitness tracker, as its name indicates, is a fitness watch that has been designed to monitor one’s physical capacity and condition throughout the day and night without any breaks. When we talk about all that an all-day fitness tracker will measure or monitor – there are quite a few things that need to be considered in that regard. First of all, to start with the all-day fitness tracker will monitor every single step that you take; 24/7.

best fitness trackerYou will be able to find out how many minutes you were awake, how many hours you slept and all the time when you were drowsy or in a state of conscious sleepiness. Moreover, this tracker will be able to reveal the total amount of calories you consume in one day and the total amount of calories you burn in 24 hours. This tracker always comes with a sleep mode which means it does not get inactive when you sleep. It continues to function even through your sleep!

  • Training fitness tracker

A training fitness tracker has been designed to function similarly to any other standard one. However, this one does not monitor your throughout the day as it has been designed to work only during your physically active hours i.e. during vigorous workout sessions. During the hours when you exercise, this fitness tracker will measure everything from the heart rate per minute, cardiac activity, breathing pattern, calories being burnt per minute and any altitude changes as well.

Features of fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are the new ‘it’ thing and hence, it is only natural that a lot of brands are designing their own version of health and fitness trackers. Whilst the modifications of each brand might be different, remember that there are a few features that are common in all fitness features.

These features are defined depending on the purpose that these fitness trackers have been designed for. To make a better buying decision, it is important that you have a checklist of all pivotal features of fitness trackers ready and ticked off!

  • Heart Rate Counter

The most superlative feature of any fitness tracker is its ability to monitor the heart rate. This is an effective way to which it helps to keep an eye on the heart rate. Assessing the heart rate is a helpful way to calculate the total number of calories your burn in one workout session. Moreover, with health at a risk as age progresses, it is best to keep a regular eye on the cardiac activity.

  • Monitoring physical health

When buying a fitness tracker, remember that you are investing in a device that will help you to keep an eye on your physical health. After all, that is the whole purpose of a fitness tracker after all. You can assess your overall physical well-being better with the help of such health trackers.

They provide you are an insight into everything from your heart rate, breathing as well as even the blood pressure of the body. All in all, this is one of the stands out features of these trackers and you need to make sure that the one you buy has an excellent system to monitor the physical health.

  • Compatibility with other devices

The next superlative feature that makes all fitness trackers stand out is that it offers connectivity with other devices. Only the best of the best fitness tracker will be compatible with all external devices. However, in other cases, there will be limited or restricted compatibility that the devices will offer.

  • Affordable Price

Since fitness trackers are such a recent tech device with all the updated modifications and improvements, it is only understandable that these trackers can be a little overpriced. Hence, you need to make clear comparisons of features of different devices in accordance with its price range.

Whilst there are many devices that will be overpriced, you are guaranteed to find many fitness trackers to be very reasonably priced as well. Hence, you do not need to worry about the price being too over the top. In fact, you will be able to strike the best fitness tracker deals one you make complete research.

  • Occasional reminders

The chance of missing out on a fitness session is impossible now with all these amazing fitness trackers! These trackers will ensure that they remind you of specifically set times to go walk for 15 minutes or go for a half-hour jog! You will get you text or voice reminders on your wristband. All thanks to these fitness trackers, you no longer have to worry about sitting for too long or piling in the extra kilos! These fitness trackers are destined to keep you in good shape!

  • Battery life

Another amazing feature of all fitness trackers is that majority of them come with a superior battery that works with a long life. The battery timing of trackers is made to be superior in most cases because it has to work with the Wi-Fi and GPS connected at all times.

Hence, it becomes imperative that the battery comes with a good lifetime and moreover, is replaceable as per need. In most cases, the tracker is bound to be rechargeable and is also majorly expected to come with a superlative battery life. According to an average estimate, a good quality fitness tracker has a battery life which is expected to last up to 6 hours on constant use.

  • Children can use them too!

With most tech devices, you are mostly warned to keep them away from your child. However, with fitness trackers, the story is a little different! If you are looking for the best fitness tracker for kids, you will surely find one that suits your needs best! Fitness trackers come for use for all women, men and even children.

You can easily find a child-friendly fitness tracker in the markets. The kids do not have to stay disappointed any longer. The best fitness trackers for small children are not hard to find! The best one will be manufactured using the most child-friendly material. Hence, you will not need to worry about your child not handling it well.  Plus the superior quality material will mean that it won’t be damaging for a long time no matter how badly your child handles it!

The kids do not have to stay disappointed any longer. The best fitness trackers for small children are not hard to find! The best one will be manufactured using the most child-friendly material. Hence, you will not need to worry about your child not handling it well.  Plus the superior quality material will mean that it won’t be damaging for a long time no matter how badly your child handles it!

Final Verdict

Fitness trackers and wristbands are currently trending high in the current year. Hence with so many options to choose from, it is definitely a task to choose the best amongst the lot. With people who have little or limited tech knowledge will definitely find they to be lost when choosing an effective, high-quality fitness tracker. The thing with fitness trackers is that there is one for everyone. For instance, the best fitness tracker for women is not guaranteed to work just as greatly for men or vice versa.

This is the reason why the above-reviewed products are bound to help you make a wiser choice. We have reviewed the best and top notch 10 leading products of 2020 that are currently ruling the global tech world because of its functionality, design, and performance.

It is important to remember that fitness trackers are not exactly cheap and hence, you need to make the right choice to ensure that your investment is secure! With amazing features and list of pros and cons to look into – it all comes down to personal preferences. In the end, it is best that you pick a tracker that is bound to work well for you on a personal level.

  1. Garmin Vivofit does NOT have a GPS module. I was excited when I read that you listed it as having it, as it’s a small, inexpensive band but, even watching the video you posted they call out it does not actually utilize GPS, but estimates distance.

    • Essentially The mini machines do use GPS Because electronic devices are not able to estimate the distance without having GPS in it.But some devices have full functionalities and some contain specific functions as much as they needed.So it do have GPS but with a specific module of functionality, i hope this clarifies your concern.

      Best Regards,

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