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Best 360 Cameras in 2021 You Can Buy – Reviewed

There are a lot of options are available in the market with their complete and perfect features and comfortable uses but the user always goes for the valuable and best thing to choose and use for the need of the time.

The users are also of a different type of which many are the consumers and some of them are the hobbyist clients which are used to use the best camera and the 360 camera is the best usable camera now a day. This is the best choice of personal and professional user for the best results. Many of the users mostly feel bad or do complaint to the seller after investing their money in purchasing the wrong thing and that never works as per their need or requirements.

So to maintain your trust on the use of the camera and selecting the best camera we are going to discuss the most useful and easy to assemble best 360 cameras of the time.

What is the Best 360 Camera?

The most important thing in these types of cameras is they have a wide range of view in the images and the videos captured by them.

Some of them may have the quality of one and some more than one lens but the quality of the video or image has the top quality views. The cameras with one lens can be captured the one view but the multiple lenses may capture a complete footage. They can capture different views in same time and after that gathered them and give the shape of a video.

The quality of the image is the best and highly preferred for the special moments and memories covered by these cameras. Some of the cameras can be attached to the Android phones and work for the best. They can be attached to the app or by any concerning usable software. Now many of the companies prefer best 360 degree video cameras because of their use and durable high quality.

How to choose the Best 360 Camera?

This is the important question to be cleared in one’s mind that how we can get the best 360 cameras from the market. The simple answer is to be focused on the advantages and disadvantages of the camera and then you must have a look on the need of the use and the requirements. If the features of the product match with your requirement and need then you can go for that product and this is the best way to choose.

Fitness Tracker NameBattery LifeVideo QualityStorageBest Prices
Samsung Gear 360 Real 360°
High Resolution VR Camera

130 mins4k256 GBSee Price
360fly 360° 4K Video Camera150 mins4k64 GBSee Price
Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera
120 mins4k8 GBSee Price
LG G5 Friends 360 CAM LG-R105
120 mins2KMicroSD EnableSee Price
KODAK PIXPRO ORBIT36025 min of recording4k16 GBSee Price
360 Degree VR Camera UHD~120 mins4k32 GBSee Price
Insta360 Nano 360 Degree
Dual 3K lens VR Video Camera

Use Mob Battery3kSD CardSee Price
Ricoh Theta SC 360°
video and still camera
~100 MinsHD32 GBSee Price
Giroptic 360 Degree
Social Network Camera
Use Mob BatteryHDUse Mob StorageSee Price
Insta360 PRO 8K 360 Spherical VR Camera~120 mins8kMicroSD CardSee Price

1. Samsung Gear 360 Real 360° High-Resolution VR Camera

One definitely want to capture the moments of life and the time he may spend in all the day of life and these can be captured with the best quality and perfect degrees of 180 from the both areas horizontally and vertically. This will create the best and complete view whether it is the function of your friend’s birthday or any other moving of a tour.

Every single click of the 360 camera will give you the best result and high resolution whether in video making or still photos. This will give you the best capturing stance from the camera and you can save the favorite moments of your life with your friends and love ones.

Product Highlights:

It is a light weighted perfect 360 degree camera.
It used the wide lens with the 180 degrees shot from the both angles.
It gives the high quality of the pictures.
It is recorded in 3840*1920 high resolution video.
The quality of the photos is with 25.9MPs.
It can work with both styles whether directly or by attaching with your Smartphone.

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Samsung Gear 360 Real 360° High Resolution VR Camera


  • High revolutionary 360 degree camera.
  • Dust and water resistant product.
  • It is perfect for both videos and still photo making.


  • A little camera which can capture everything you want.
  • Overall best but a little problem in software support.
  • Best to assemble with easy instructions.


If you are looking for the durability and best revolutionary 360 cameras then Samsung Gear 360 Real 360° High Resolution VR Camera is the best choice. It works for the best features and capturing all type of the moments with its wide lens.

2. 360fly 360° 4K VR (Virtual Reality) Capable Video Camera

This is the most enjoyable and friendly ecosystem which is especially designed for the best quality of the videos. It is with the powerful megapixel which is 16 for the images and the resolution of the video or photos is 2880*2880 with the storage of 64 GB. It is based on app to control and editing of the video or photo is quite easy.

This camera is easily connected with the social media concerned apps and also usable by attaching with the smart phones. It has the VR experiences only with a single button pushing. It is a versatile camera which can record the moments comfortably.

Product Highlights:

A 360 degree ecosystem included Camera.
Powerful performer in video and still capturing.
Easy to operate with the mobile applications.
It can be connected with the social media.
Virtual Reality experience with pushing a button.
Versatile in all types of recordings.
Durable product in making and using.

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360fly 360° 4K VR (Virtual Reality) Capable Video Camera


  • A perfect lens 360 degree camera with best pixels.
  • The durability and usage of the camera is best with its 64 GB internal storage.
  • 16 Megapixel lenses are powerful enough to capture surroundings in HD


  • Battery discharges quickly.
  • You can not add any extra battery.
  • Camera settings can’t be changed without a smartphone.


This is overall the best choice for not only personal users but the professional users too. This works for all types of capturing whichever you want all around you. So if you want a versatile product you must go for the 360fly 360° 4K Video Camera.

3. Ricoh Theta S Full HD, Youtube Supported Digital Camera

Using the Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera you can get the best moments captured with the high resolution result and the 360 degrees overall angles. It has newly designed lens in it which is f/2.0 lens and this lens makes it more efficient and effective in use to get the fine photos. The high quality of pictures by capturing this camera you will feel like all and all. It can record 1080p HD video and you can add 30 frames in that video. The 25 minutes of video can be made continually.

It has the self storage of almost 8 GB. It can be used for the live views on the Smart phones and can be attached with the social media with it. It has worked with manual control which helps in maintaining the quality and use of the camera lens. The display button in the features of the camera will help you to switch the camera in between video and photo.

Product Highlights:

It has Spherical Panorama image and video which can be up to 25 minutes.
Live view can be managed of a function from the distance even on the mobile.
The video made from the camera can easily transfer to the mobile.
It provides full HD Video at 30 fps.
Its Spherical video is supported with You Tube.
The camera is manufactured for the long time use.

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Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera


  • This camera gives the best quality of the video and the still photo making.
  • It has some new lens quality which makes it differ from others.
  • Live video can be made with it.
  • It provides best support for YouTube videos.
  • Video can be directly transferred by the camera without using any other device.


  • It works very well for the close pictures but not so much good for the pictures captures from far away.
  • This can has no stabilizer. So you need to keep camera steady for perfect shots.


If you are looking for the camera which helps you in simple and common capturing of photos and videos and also used for the support of You Tube videos, you have to go for the Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera.

4. LG G5 Friends 360 Cam, 2K Video With 5.1 Surround Sound 360 Camera

You want to capture the world around you? If yes then this is the best camera for doing this task easily and comfortably because it has the better things in it from the others. It works with the 13 MP sensors which give the high quality resolution in its makings and it also has the 200 inches wide lenses which are angles for capturing the best videos and still photos. It can record the videos with perfect audios because it has 3 microphones for recording.

This can be used with the smart phones and the device is capable of displaying 360 degree content by it. It cannot activate without the external memory and also has 1200 mah battery which helps it to run with the perfect power source.

Product Highlights:

It has 13 MP dual sensors which help in capturing the best picture.
Its lenses are wide angled which are good in making videos and photos.
It can record almost 2 thousand 360 video.
5.1 channel surround sound is available in it.
The micro SD in this device is compatible and can be uploaded Google street view.
It cannot be activated without the external memory inserted in the camera.

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LG G5 Friends 360 Camera


  • It has dual sensors which are powerful to capture the fine photos and videos.
  • There is no match of its fine and high quality.
  • This camera provides a good support for popular social media platforms.
  • You can capture 360 images to use with Google street view app.
  • The manual image controls allows you to control ISO, shutter speed, exposure etc to get the perfect shot.


  • Connecting this camera for data transfer is a bit tricky process.
  • The images captured in low light are a bit noisy.
  • This camera needs an external storage as its internal memory is very low.


If you a photography lover and want to adopt and utilize this hobby for the best and long-term time period then this LG G5 Friends 360 Cam LG-R105 is the best choice.

5.KODAK PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K 360° camera.

kodak 360 camera
This is the highest quality camera with the perfect resolution and easy to access. This is the product which is mostly made for the highest and heavy-duty need. It has automated managing the video even from different clicks. Because of its best quality outstanding and high zooming, it has all the controls on its body with an LCD panel that displays information. It becomes a durable and perfect device.

The color combinations and originality which provided by this camera features are the best and durable. Kodak is a well-known brand so the reliability is best. This is also used for professional matters and the best choice of commercial users.

Product Highlights:

It is favorable even use under the low lighted area.
The direct sunlight is also not destroying its quality image.
The highly contracted images can also capture by this perfect cam.
It is the best in professional as well as personal use.
The product is called a fabulous product for any type of capturing.
It is dustproof, freezeproof, and shockproof as well.

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Kodak 360 Camera


  • This camera is small and compact that it can easily be carried around.
  • Perfect for professional 360 photography.
  • it has dual 20MP CMOS sensors. This camera has 108 megapixels. So the photos captured through this camera are exceptional.
  • shoots 4k ultra-wide pictures


  • it is a bit on the heavy side.
  • battery life may be short.


If you want to have a camera with all the possible qualities of image quality, movie making, and automated stitching of the different scenes you must go for the Kodak Pixpro Orbit360. This will also go for high professional needs.

6. Qoocam 360 Degree, VR Camera

quoocam 360 camera
If you are the lover of going on visits and outdoor activities and want to save those all memories as videos and pictures then you must go for the selection of 360 Degree, VR Camera because of its high and reasonable quality in videos and images.

If you have the craze of doing adventures going for hiking camping and even in the wildest places and want to have those all things and moments the part of your life forever and you remember them even after a long time spent. You have to fulfill your this wish by using this best quality camera.

Product Highlights:

It has ultra wide lens which gives original look of the image.
Its best screen looks give the fascinating videos which are recorded with it.
The videos and the pictures are comfortably attachable with the face book.
Video is stitched by the camera itself.
It has 2.4G wireless control.
Its long distance coverage is about 10 miters.
Its applications are designed for using the sports and outdoor activities.

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Qoocam 360 Camera


  • This camera is compact in size.
  • The video quality for a camera of this price range is really great.
  • This camera has ultra HD display.
  • It works with the Wi-Fi connection.
  • The body is made up of high quality metal not ordinary plastic.
  • The battery is huge in size and also lasts longer.
  • You can post 3D photos directly on facebook.
  • You can control long distances from its app.


  • Some smart devices might have issues with Qoocam App.
  • The camera app software is a bit tricky to use.


This is the best professional and personal used camera with HD quality in the recording and image capturing. If one has a craze to go on outdoor tours and have a plan for camping and hiking and also go to the wildest places and want to save those memories must go for this camera.

7. Insta360 Nano 360 Degree Dual 3K lens VR Video Camera

This is the tiny spherical camera which is perfectly compatible with the iphone. It can work for the best in the best quality work. It is also an easy device to plugg in the smart phones. This is a simple assembled camera which is convenient in use with simple instructions.

Its image resolution is so high and 3040×1520 for images and the 3040×1520@30fps is the max quality for making videos. It has a micro SD card which has the capacity of 64 GB and increases the worth of the device.

Product Highlights:

Compatible device with Iphone 7.
Dual 210 degree fisheye.
Video and photo can attach with Face Book
Perfect VR Card Box.

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Insta360 Nano 360 Degree Dual 3K lens VR Video Camera


  • This camera comes with the cardboard box.
  • Works perfectly fine for facebook 360 feature.
  • You can pop it on your Iphone to use without box.
  • It can also work as standalone VR camera.


  • This is not a 4k camera.
  • This camera needs extra accessories for mounting on Tripods or Monopods.
  • Compatible with Iphone only.


This is all n all quality camera which is perfect with the attachment of iPhone 7 and also the photos and videos are easy to attach to the facebook. If you want all these reasonable qualities you must go with Insta360 Nano 360 Degree Dual 3K lens VR Video Camera.

8. Ricoh Theta SC 360 Degree Video and Still Camera For Both iPhone & Android

This theta SC is basically equipped with the LED status which spread the lights on the body and this feature of the camera allows turning the still camera to the video mode. Its software allows you to turn the functions to the smartphone so that you can view the preview of all you are capturing.

You can add the filters and background music in its features.

Product Highlights:

High resolution with perfect 360 degrees in both images and videos.
Bright F2.0 lens.
It is new and improved featured camera.
It is compatible with both iPhone and android.
Theta app can work for editing in the software.

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Insta360 Nano 360 Degree Dual 3K lens VR Video Camera


  • The quality of the pictures is crystal clear.
  • Works well on both Android and IOS devices.
  • Its manual shooting speed is almost 60 seconds.
  • Compatible with Google street view.


  • This camera has no extendable memory slot.
  • The internal memory is only 8GB.
  • Setting up the camera app is a bit tricky.
  • The battery will drain fast if the camera remains on.


This is the camera with a lot of specifications and the people who love to have the perfection in all and have fun in capturing the loving moments of their life must go to buy the Ricoh Theta SC 360 Degree Video and Still Camera.

9. Giroptic 360 Degree Social Network Camera

This is the camera which is specially designed for the social network use and this is all is the best one with the high resolution in capturing images and making videos. Most of the people love these cameras to make live videos on insta, face book and You Tube.

Most of the people share their captures moments on the social media.

Product Highlights:

High quality and resolution of the picture.
Best usable camera for the social media networking.
Overall one in all.

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Giroptic 360 Degree Social Network Camera


  • This camera is compact in size so you can carry it easily while traveling.
  • Compatible with both Android and IOS devices.
  • You can share photos and videos directly on social media.
  • This camera also provides live stream feature.
  • This camera is well build and solid.
  • This camera is also water resistant.


  • The video quality of camera is not up to the mark.
  • Stabilization feature is not available in android.
  • A bit expensive as compared to same cameras in this range.


The best device used for the social media and marketing. People love to share their photo gallery on the social media which are captured by this wonderful device.

10. Insta360 PRO 8K 360 Spherical VR Camera

Insta360 PRO 8K 360 Spherical VR Camera[yasr_visitor_votes size=”small”]
Insta360 introduced its fully featured 360 degree Pro spherical version VR camera for professional photographers. This camera consists of 6 camera configuration through which you can be able to capture 8K video with 3D options using minimum resources. The six cameras are placed in a circular aluminium spheroid chassis which is much smarter in size. Each camera is loaded with 200 degree fish-eye lens and is capable of recording at a resolution of 2K which enables the user to record fully spherical video. Each camera creates separate video file. After video completion, all the video files are stitched together by the camera automatically or you can also stitch them together manually by using a software.

You can control the functionality of the camera like frame-rate, gesture controls, shutter speed, resolution etc with Windows, iOS or Mac apps. This camera has four built in microphones to record the surrounding audio. But you can also attach external mic as well. You can also do 4k live streaming on FaceBook with this camera. The in camera gyroscope enables you to create stabilized shakes free video.

Product Highlights:

Consists of six cameras.
Has 5000 mAh battery that lasts longer.
Have four internal microphones, external microphone can also be attached.

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Insta360 PRO 8K 360 Spherical VR Camera


  • This camera shoots stunning 8K and 6K 360 3D videos.
  • Can stream live 4K videos directly on facebook.
  • Provide good results even in low light.
  • Provides video and image stabilization.
  • Data can be transferred via WiFi and USB.
  • 5000 mAh battery provides a good backup hooting time.


  • This camera is expensive.
  • Setting up the camera is a bit tricky.
  • Internal microphones may sometime capture the voice of camera fan.
  • Some of the external memory cards may not be supported with this camera.


Overall this is the best camera and called one in all because it has the qualities which make it the best choice for professional use.

How are 360 Cameras Different from the Common Used Cameras?

There are the important factors regarding the quality and the using scenario is advanced and latest technology used in the making of these 360 cameras and they are entirely different from others. The ordinary and the standardized cameras are normally needed to see the things which need to be noticed. User definitely needs to focus all the things like he has to see left right and front behind then he can capture and maintain the further targets.

To wrap up these all issues and get the best result by capturing the views and maintaining videos you need the camera beyond the thought. And for this cause, only one best 360-degree video camera 2020 will help in all these serious problems. It will help you by performing the best with automatically control rather than the manual control any time of need. These are some major differences which make it different from the standard cameras. And the quality of the device helps to take proper

User definitely needs to focus all the things like he has to see left right and front behind then he can capture and maintain the further targets. To wrap up these all issues and get the best result by capturing the views and maintaining videos you need the camera beyond the thought. And for this cause, only one best 360-degree video camera 2020 will help in all these serious problems. It will help you by performing the best with automatically control rather than the manual control any time of need. These are some major differences which make it different from the standard cameras. And the quality of the device helps to take proper intention of the others with its constant use.

It will help you by performing the best with automatically control rather than the manual control any time of need. These are some major differences which make it different from the standard cameras. And the quality of the device helps to take proper intention of the others with its constant use.

best 360 camera

Benefits or advantages of the best 360 degree camera 2020

There are a lot of things which have become changed with the time is passing and this makes the use of cameras advance and for the areas which are not approachable for the others. To make it easy and fast there are the best 360 degree cameras 2020 available and they work the best and more than requirements. These cameras create the ways to increase and polish the ways of making and telling stories. The viewers feel like they are very close to the scene they just see and this also makes them

These cameras create the ways to increase and polish the ways of making and telling stories. The viewers feel like they are very close to the scene they just see and this also makes them feel like they are living in those video scenes. These cameras capture the videos which are managed by the limitless angles and they provide the views not from the front but from the surrounding areas too. There are some of the basic advantages of these cameras:

  1. Comprehensive View

A 360 camera can provide the best and comprehensive view of the scene which works more than an employee and the better use. The complete picture of the concerning capture makes it more interesting in use with the best pixels. Best 360 degree camera app is also available for the Android phones to make it easy for you to use the cam and get the best 3D videos and images. You can use this camera from your mobile on outside tours and carry it with comfort and ease.

  1. Best Opportunities for Professionals

This is the best opportunity for the video makers and professionals to use Samsung 360 Cameras during the function and easily captured and saved the memories of a loving and good time. They can use it for telling stories about the marriage and all the events celebrated in any wedding. All the laughing moments and the moments make you fresh and smiling even after the years of the wedding. They also allow you to have a view on the directions which the general cameras can’t do so. People even never think about to have the view of all long distance places of things from the one eye of 360 cameras.

  1. 360 Camera Used for Real Estate

The best 360 cameras for real estate are usable and beneficial for all kind of tour and connection with the people concerned whom you cannot meet all the time. It helps you to make videos and images and share them to the others for selling your property. These cameras have the best quality and looks show to other and the originality of the video makes them the perfect product to use for the best need of your real estate business. It can also fix to check the entire offices and the working style of the employees.

  1. The Best 360 camera on the market

The best 360 camera on the market is available by different companies and they are used for the best level of capturing and release the tension of having a lot of cameras and capturing the different angles by those and after that stitching them together. It works for the all types of angles and needs and helps in capturing the best 3 D video which can be managed at the same time with the same lens of the 360 cameras. No doubt it is true that all 360 cameras are not perfect or reliable but for the best, there must be a deep understanding of the features and working of the cameras.

  1. Best 360 security cameras

Security always concerned with a person whether it is the security of home, office or any other place it needs to be perfect and strict. For this cause the best 360 security cameras are available in the market and they are with the best and advanced technology which have used in the industries and the residential places. Most of the industries are in the planning of getting more beneficial and advances 360 cameras which are growing up with the human needs. For the security matter there are a wide range of cameras are available in the market because of the different companies who demand for the sharp eye cameras so that their place can be secured.

  1. Easy to Use for Multiple Tasks

These cameras are not only used for the security of professional video makers but they have multiple uses and people do avail the best quality and features of these cameras. There are apps are available for the androids and there is also the best 360 camera app for iPhone is available and this app increases the use and quality of the iPhone. People love to have these things for the perfect use. You can take this camera with your iPhone to anywhere even in long distance from the concerning place.

  1. Best 360 camera for Oculus

No doubt this is the best 360 camera for Oculus because the traditional way of capturing a lot of scenes and then stitch them together can be changed with this one eye feature of this camera. Now you can have the capturing images and be making videos at once. This is an interesting and wonderful feature and it will also make the battery timing high and best because of the single use. By using this camera you will have a lot of options and be capturing real time.

Features to have the Complete Look

When you are going to purchase a best 360 camera under 500 you must have to take a view of the features of the concerning product. The investment of money on a good and perfect product never give you pain after using that. So don’t be upset after buying but try to check the all things in the product and cameras are the specific products on which one has an eagle eye while selecting them because they are very sensitive products and used for the important matters. There are some important factors which have to be in mind before going to purchase the 360 cameras:

  • Best 360 camera for VR

The feature becomes famous all over the world is the use of the VR videos and images. They were the famous and usable with the deep concerns. If you are going to make a video as you are under a big rock and living there from many times you can do so by making the video by VR. This video will give the feeling that you are really there under that place and this also gives the stance of 360 camera and its best features, so that the best 360 cameras for VR is used for the depth videos making and this is not same as the standard common videos. The depth of the camera’s lens also allows you to see the deepest things around you.

  • Best 360 Camera for Facebook

This 360 degree camera used for the live videos on the facebook and it can be helpful to give the informatory videos and discussions to the live viewers. These are the cameras which can be fixed in the app of Facebook for using in the easy and comfortable situation. As we all know that media is a big thing which all over the world likable and usable thing and many of the applications now concerns with the media and they also want to advertise the products and give a detail discussion about the universe on the live videos so that people see them and enjoy the services. Best 360 Camera for Face book allows this live service for some of the networks as it’s the most famous and knowledgeable channel is the geographic channel which is the topmost channels for the information. So this camera can be used for these kinds of videos.

  • Best 360 cameras for YouTube

Youtube is made the way to use the 360 cameras for the best quality of the videos uploaded to it. That was not the specifications of youtube before the best 360 cameras for YouTube was introduces. But youtube was working on the quality delivering the videos and these cameras help it to fulfill this concerning demands of the viewers. This is a bitter truth that you can never succeed in the way you fail to provide the things as per the requirements of the viewers or customers.

  • Best camera 360 for virtual tour

Good pixels of the camera are not only the important feature to be focused on but the other specifications are also matter of the fact. The most important fact in the camera should be the best quality of lenses used in the camera and all digital cameras may have good pixels but the best 360 camera for virtual tour is designed for capturing all the locations of the place of the tour. It can help you to get the views with the best approach to the changing of lenses. The best is to mount the lens called fisheye lens so that the views come in your notice will be captured quickly. Then the other important feature is the sensor of the camera which can easily save the details of the view at that time.

Final Analysis

By summing up all the above discussion it can be said that all 360 degree cameras are not the same. They all have different features and qualities with them and this is the choice of the user to select the one which will be the best camera and have the best features compared to all others. The quality and the use must be multiple and usable for a long time so that you can feel easy to spend money on purchasing that product for you.

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