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The ‘terms of services’ page explain all the crucial information in relevance to the legal rights of the visitors. Whenever you visit your site, you are practically agreeing to all the terms of usage of the site. It is important to remember that all services have been designed to ensure seamless usage for the users.

‘Agreement’ for access to services

By agreeing to all the terms of services, you are getting complete access to all categories of the services. When you are agreeing to all the terms of services, you are actually showing your consent for how the organization works. It is important to agree to all terms of services if you wish to access the website. In case you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you will most likely not be able to access the website. Hence, all terms have been devised to ensure that the users get a seamless experience and complete access to all published content on the web.

Sign up to access services

The website promotes content. However, as a user, you will only have limited access to the published content until and unless you sign up with the site. When you sign up with the online publishing platform, you provide all relevant information to the site. Only after you provide relevant data and sign up; you will be able to access complete information in connection with your online account.

Authorization and license to content

Digital Tenz promotes all high-end and technological content to inform and engage the users. This online publishing platform also welcomes content from guest users and visitors. If you wish to contribute to the content of the site, you are allowed to do so. However, when you publish content you still fully own it. However, when you provide content for publication on the web, you are also giving us the full authority to use it in every way that we wish to. We will also have the full authority to amend, edit and change the information as per need and without issuing any prior notice to the users. We will, however, inform the user via email of all possible changes made to the content.

You remain in full authority of the content

All content that you provide to the web still remains to be solely your property. You remain in full authority of all the content including text, audio, videos, images, coding and GIF that is published on the web. Hence, while we are liable to make changes as per need, the content cannot be used by any other source and we only have limited rights to use it only for our web. It cannot be sold out to any third party.

Legal way of featuring your site

As a publishing platform, we can use your featuring site for the purpose of marketing along with the content you provide for publishing. However, it is not possible for us to use any portion of your site without the legal consent made through official and legal procedures.