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The internet has grown vastly over the years and is facilitating people in ways that are surprising. However, with the advancement of technology, there is an increased threat of privacy invasion of people. Hence, people are much concerned about protecting their privacy and ensuring that all their activities online is kept safe. The risk of personal information being leaked or exposed through the web is much greater these days. This is solely the reason why we at Digital Tenz have a comprehensive privacy policy designed to protect the privacy of our users.

About Digital Tenz

With the fast pace development of the digital technology, it is becoming more and more important for the people to remain updated about all progress and developments. Digital Tenz is an online publishing web that was first set up in February of 2017. This is an independent online publishing platform that is all about sharing content with the wider audiences relevant to all latest technological updates. On this online platform, we share unlimited tech-related information, all recent updates, and information regarding all latest tech products and services with the customers. The purpose is to keep the audiences updated and well-informed so that they can invest in high-end tech products.

Purpose of the privacy policy

The main purpose of our privacy policy is to ensure that the visitors to our website do not face any troubles in regard to their privacy. There is a lot of personal information of the customer that is used by our website for different purposes. However, no harm is intended by us to the users as we are very respectful towards their privacy. Hence, the purpose of formulating a privacy policy is to ensure that all confidential information collected by our web is kept safe and protected in the long run.

The main purpose of our privacy policy is to offer a superlative user experience to the customers that are seamless and smooth. It is important to encourage the visitors to visit our site and engage with the online published content. This can only be done when the users will be assured that the content published online is reliable and the website will not breach any confidentiality of the users. This is the only basic purpose that our privacy policy is designed to serve. We put a lot of effort in creating an online platform that is informative and enjoyable for the users. Hence, it is important to ensure that their online experience is stress-free as well.

About Digital Tenz’s privacy policy

The one thing that is not possible to overlook these days is technology and the crucial role that it plays in our lives these days. As an online publishing platform, we take the full responsibility to create, publish and deliver high-end, accurate and unique content with the audiences. The purpose is to share information that is informative, helpful and up-to-date. As a publishing platform, we also have the responsibility to share information that is accurate and valid as all our web visitors trust the content that is publishing on-site.

Information we collect from you

The following is the information that our website might collect from the visitor. It is important to bring it into the knowledge of the users prior to their use.

  • Name
  • IP Address
  • Email ID
  • Username
  • Password
  • Time of access
  • Location
  • Interests

In addition to this basic information, there is additional information that is collected through the means of cookies and web beacons that are automated.

Decide on how much you wish to share

A highlight of our website is that we allow the visitors to share as much as they wish to. Unlike other online publishing platforms, we do not take the full control over our visitor’s usage. Instead, we give them the liberty to decide what confidential information they would like to trust us with. As a regular visitor to the website, you will have the control over how much personal information is being shared with our website and any other third parties that might be involved. The following things are the ONLY things that are sent in directly to our web.

  • Time of website access
  • Current location of user
  • IP address of device

However, nothing more than this specific information is shared without your consent!